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Programming Languages : Scala, Python, Java, C, Bash

AI / Machine Learning : Spark MLLIB, Scikit-Learn, Smile

Big Data & Stat Tool : Apache Spark, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, SQL

Visualization : D3.js, Matplotlib, Plotly

Natural Language Processing :, DialogFlow, NLTK

Web Automation : BeautifulSoup, Selenium, JSoup

Web : JavaScript, Angular, Node.js

Documents : MarkDown, LaTeX, Jupyter Notebook, Office Suite

Graphics : Adobe Creative Suite, InkScape

  • Street Workout (High Level)

  • Writing (see my website)

  • Digital Art

career objective

Skilled in Scala and Data Science, looking for a 10-14 weeks internship position in R&D. Coming with the ability to develop efficient software and also to help scientists perform operations when assigned.

work experience
July 2019 -
August 2019
Scala Developer

Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris-Nord (LIPN – CNRS UMR 7030)

Use of data visualization libraries, Apache Spark and Binder technology to develop interactive notebooks (in Scala with BeakerX). Supervised by Dr. Mustapha Lebbah.

Scala Developer


Implementation of Ant-Tree (a bio inspired and unsupervised learning algorithm c) in Scala to integrate it into the Clustering4Ever library developed by the A3 team (founder: Dr. Gaël Beck).

2018- 2020
DUT Informatique (Bachelor's degree)

Université Paris 13 (IUT de Villetaneuse)

2015 - 2017
Baccalauréat Scientifique (high school diploma)

Lycée Camille-Saint-Saëns

Personnal Project & Hackathons
OrchaLang Editor

A cloud-based IDE creates for the modeling and integration language Orcha. Designer and lead developer in a team of 4 people. Taught me web application development.

Hackathon Blockchain Margo x UNICEF

Develop in 48 hours a solution to record the key stages of the child's life on the Blockchain. Following the agile methods, I developed part of the Node.js back-end and wrote Solidity smart contracts to deploy them on the Ethereum Blockchain.

24h des DUT Informatique 2019

3 successive 8-hour tests, on modern and promising themes: AI, web-app and computer security. I learned team and time management. I was mainly active on the IA part (Designing a solution) and on the security part (BruteForce).

Ant Colony Simulator

Simulation of intelligent ants colonies looking for the shortest path to a food source. Lead developer supported by some collaborators on Github.

Workout AI

Based on decision trees, generate fitness programs, according to a customer's needs and characteristics. I realized this project in order to apply my knowledge in Machine Learning.